Jonas dos Santos and Link Harper have been partners and collaborators since the early 1970s.  They were pioneers in performance/installation art and exhibited in galleries, museums, public spaces and alternative venues i.e. The Corcoran Museum of Art, The National Gallery of Art, The Experimental Gallery of The Smithsonian Institution, The Biennial of Sao Paulo, ARCO-Lisbon, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, ICA-University of Penn., Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Lincoln Center, INTAR Gallery-NY and Salon des Amis Gallery to mention a few.

Chanthaphone Rajavong has been collaborating with both of them in this country and Brazil since 2001.  He has exhibited Museu da Praia-Brazil, Art in City Hall, JMS Gallery, HUB Gallery at Penn State University, August Wilson Center for African American Culture, Jump Street/Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts and Salon des Amis Gallery to mention a few.