2008 Exhibit

Masahiro Takeda

 In 1995 there was a huge earthquake in Hyogo and I lost my ceramics and work studio. For me it was a real turning point in my art. I abandon  working in ceramics and concentrated only on my photography.  Photography is much more compatible with the small workspace I now have available.  Each day I send a photo card with a quote from a notable person and/or a message from me on the back to friends in various countries, among them the U.S.A., U.K., France and Canada.  Each person receives one card a month.  This has become my Art.  I also compile selections of music based on a theme, song title, holiday, style of music, etc. performed by an eclectic group of artists, create an audio CD and send them to my friends periodically.  It has become a large postcard network although small by internet standards.  I find the word convenience to be very dangerous.  I use computers but I fear their speed.  We need more leisurely days.

My postcard art children fly to other countries and live lives of their own.  Jean Cocteau said, “The worst tragedy for a poet is to be admired through being misunderstood”. I am OK with that.  Misunderstanding is a form of understanding.  I want people to receive my Far Easterner’s feelings from my photo cards. My ultimate goal is that someday my postcards will mingle with others in unusual places like card shops and flea markets around the world.